Website Setup FAQ's

Can we migrate older websites on to our hosting?

No, we only setup websites based on the templates that we have. We do not move already built websites on to our hosting.

What is the entire process?

Once a website setup is purchase we will automatically send you a questionnaire asking which template you would like. We also ask for your business information so that we can enter it on the website. Once we receive the questionnaire, one of our website designers will reach out to you asking for you domain name login credentials. After this, we will begin the process of duplicating the chosen template on to your website. Once complete, we will notify you that the website is ready.

Who hosts the domain?

The domain name is the website name. It is hosted by the customer. BSFF does not purchase domain names.

Who hosts my website?

BSFF hosts the website. The website is stored on our High-Quality hosting so you can be sure your website is secure and running.

How long does the website setup take?

It usually takes anywhere between 2-5 days. This depends on how long it takes for us to receive the website questionnaire, and how long it takes to receive login credentials for website domain account.